May 15, 2022
Advertising Projects
Salpha Energy

01. The Challenge & Solution

We were approached by the marketing head of Salpha Energy a provider of premium solar solutions for energy problems in Nigeria and Africa. Salpha is led by a Forbes under 30 CEO; Salpha’s problem and need? “How to drive awareness and sales for their diverse solar product offerings. They also complained of not getting their desired results on their digital marketing campaigns. Salpha Energy’s products consists of solar generators etc. which address the power needs of SMES and households.

As our norm is we did our research around the Salpha Energy brand, understood their products and the solutions it offers this allowed us to narrow in on their customer avatar and identify the ideal audience for their various product offerings.

“It is hard to find things that wont sell online.”

02. Working Process

We identified the ideal platforms to drive engagements and sales on behalf of Salpha Energy. We obtained the relevant pictures and content for advertising and created adverts on Facebook and Instagram. Our ads were tailored to their ideal customer audience, via informed research we were able to identify the ideal locations for promoting Salpha Energy products in Nigeria. Due to success of the campaign Salpha Energy expanded their customer center operators to meet up with the high number enquiries and orders.

  • Platforms for Ads; Facebook & Instagram
  • Campaign Objective: Lead Generation
  • Running Time: 4months
  • Advert Budget: Over $13,000

03. Perfect Result

The results speak for themselves.

We generated the following results on behalf of Salpha Energy:

  • Leads Generated: over 20,000
  • Ad Reach: over 1,000,000 people
  • Products Sold: Over $28,000 worth
  • 200% increase in sales