June 14, 2022
Out Of Home Advertising
The platforms
What OOH offers

01. What is Alternative Advertising?

A Alternative advertising is a component of outdoor advertising which seeks to create ingenious ways for businesses or organization to reach their audience thereby facilitating conversions creating awareness and generating sales. The idea is simple take the advertising to the people wherever they are on the road, in stores or malls at ATMs etc. Our alternative advertising service gets your brand strategically in front of the right audience in places with high foot traffic.

“The aim of advertising is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

02. Platforms Available

Our alternative advertising platforms consist of:

  • AdHome: this takes your brand/business into laundry firms which are frequented by HNIs, Upper class in the society, professionals etc.
  • AdMart: Drive engagements for your retail business in malls such as Spar, Ebeano and Hubmart in diverse locations across Nigeria.
  • AdReels: Advertise your business in cinema houses across Nigeria.
  • AdVehicle: Get buses, taxis and bikes branded with your business offers.
  • AdTrays: Drive conversions for your business in airports across Nigeria.

We provide free advisory and strategy for these platforms, meaning we will help you pick the most suitable for your business. Our expert choices are based on previous projects conducted. All platform pictures, pricing and locations are available upon request.



03. Perfect Results

Via our alternative advertising platforms we have driven conversions and helped businesses penetrate their niches of choice. These platforms are available in over 150 locations across Nigeria.