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On what online platforms can you advertise my business?

As an advertising agency we offer advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and Twitter.

We have vast experience in advertising on these platforms but we may advice for or against depending on your industry.

What does it cost to handle our social media accounts?

Our SMM services begin from $70 upwards. We have a series of packages that are customized to suit various needs and industries.

Number of times we post, types of media required and personal requests affect our pricing.

How does your Social media mangt work?

When you select a package we receive payment then begin work on your pages. We will create new pages for you or manage your existing pages depending on your needs.

What kind of websites do you build?

Our website design services cover a range of websites types they include: Company, Schools, Portfolio, Ecommerce etc.

You can also request for a custom website design and we will deliver it to you.

What is your Alternative Advertising service?

Our alternative advertising services refers to offline solutions which helps brands reach their audience in ingenious ways in places such as malls, laundry houses, ATM machines among others.

How effective is Alternative advertising?

Alternative advertising delivers ROI on every spend and has both short term and long term benefits. Its a favorite offline advertising solutions which costs less than billboards and has measurable results.

Can you develop a marketing plan for my company?

Yes! we do develop marketing plans.

Our marketing plans consist of expert insights, and strategies which helps our clients to achieve their advertising goals

How much should I spend on my Advertising?

Your online advertising budgets is determined by many factors and unlike people think its not about how much you want to spend. For instance Facebook has a minimum recommended ad spend for a business and whatever objective its trying to achieve. We always advice for or suggest advertising budgets for our clients so you can get the best results from your online advertising efforts.

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