June 20th 2021
Video creation
screenshot of explainer animation video created for gtfinanceltd

01. Why Video creation and marketing?

O In whatever form of advertising you seek to adopt video is a powerful tool that communicates most effectively. Video is great for both digital and offline ad campaigns helping to create awareness and attract unlike static imagery. Ever passed a video playing on a billboard or a video ad on Instagram?

You would find that your attention is more easily captured than other forms of ads especially when the video is professionally done. At Viand digital we create a host of video types from animation explainers to product demos, real life documentary shoots and more.

“Business decision makers love online videos because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest time.”
– Robert Weiss

sample of templates for animation video explainer
Video template for animation explainer creation

02. Working Process

In creating videos we first understand your needs this enables us to ascertain the ideal video you require. We create animation explainer videos, company introduction videos, product videos etc. These videos could be accompanied with voiceovers where requested. For every video project we require a script, your logo and other information like your website.

team of viand digital marketing video creators

03. Perfect Result

What we deliver at the end of every project is an excellent video that suits all your advertising needs. Our video creation services produces videos that are excellent for your social media adverts on (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google display ads) or even billboards.